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Through a comprehensive investment approach that incorporates proprietary research capabilities, Luther King Capital Management’s corporate mission is to achieve superior returns over a market cycle, commensurate with the objectives and risk profile of each client.

J. Luther King, Jr. - March 5, 1979

LKCM Funds At A Glance

At close: 08:01PM EDT

LKCM Equity Fund
Ticker LKEQX
NAV 31.51
Change $ -0.01
Change % -0.18%
LKCM Small Cap Equity Fund
Ticker LKSCX
NAV 16.28
Change $ -0.15
Change % -0.18%
LKCM Balanced Fund
Ticker LKBAX
NAV 24.56
Change $ +0.04
Change % -0.18%
LKCM Fixed Income Fund
Ticker LKFIX
NAV 10.26
Change $ +0.03
Change % -0.18%
LKCM Small-Mid Cap Equity Fund
Ticker LKSMX
NAV 8.62
Change $ -0.08
Change % -0.18%
LKCM International Equity Fund
Ticker LKINX
NAV 10.90
Change $ -0.11
Change % -0.18%

About LKCM

Founded in 1994, the LKCM Funds is a family of mutual funds that includes the LKCM Small Cap Equity Fund, LKCM Small-Mid Cap Equity Fund, LKCM Equity Fund, LKCM Balanced Fund, LKCM Fixed Income Fund, and LKCM International Fund. Luther King Capital Management is the sponsor and investment adviser to the LKCM Funds. Founded in 1979, Luther King Capital Management Corporation provides investment management services to investment companies, foundations, endowments, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, estates, and high net worth individuals. Please visit www.lkcm.com for additional information about Luther King Capital Management.