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Financial Adviser

You may invest in shares of a Fund by contacting your financial adviser. Your financial adviser can help you open a new account and help you review your financial needs and formulate long-term investment goals and objectives. Investors may be charged a fee if they effect transactions in Fund shares through a broker or agent.

The Funds have authorized certain broker-dealers to receive on their behalf purchase and redemption orders of Fund shares. These broker-dealers may designate intermediaries to receive Fund orders. The Funds are deemed to have received purchase and redemption orders for Fund shares when an authorized broker-dealer or its designee receives such orders. All such orders are executed at the next net asset value per share calculated after the order is received by an authorized broker-dealer or its designee.


Charles Schwab & Company



Merrill Lynch

TD Ameritrade

For more information, see Fund Literature or call 1-800-688-LKCM.

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